Wisconsin Regional Service Conference

General Intructions

Guidelines for Hosting Regional Meetings

The WRSC shall meet on the weekend of the third Sunday of the months of January, March, September and November. Advance planning is the key here. If negotiations are made well in advance you have a much better chance of getting the necessary facilities and reasonable prices.

The hosting committee will coordinate with the Regional Co-Facilitator (B) on the agenda of the weekend.

(See Article 3.02 for the entire ASC Host rotation schedule).

The WRSC may provide the hosting area with up to $400 toward meeting room costs. Upon finalization of negotiations with the facility, the Area contact person is to notify the WRSC Treasurer with the facility address , phone number, contact person and cost. Do not guarantee these rooms and sign anything that would indicate a guarantee. Please refer to WRSC Financial Guidelines, F 4.02(5).

When negotiating with facilities it is always best to have no less than two addicts present. Having someone with knowledge of how to negotiate with hotels is helpful. You can usually get the meeting rooms at a reduced cost by letting the hotel  know that we will be renting rooms and eating at their restaurant (if they have one).

  1. Every effort should be made to insure that ALL facilities used are wheelchair accessible.
  2. Regularly scheduled meetings of the WRSC are non-smoking. There may be a designated smoking area outside of the main room.

We will need between ten and twenty rooms on Friday and Saturday night. Keep in mind some ASCs and their members simply cannot afford $90 a night hotel rooms. If secondary, lower cost lodging is available nearby, include this information in your flyers.

DO NOT Guarantee a room block. The WRSC will not be responsible for any room block negotiated with a hotel

The meeting room should be spacious and capable of comfortably accommodating fifty people.  The room should be secured from 8:00am.to 6:00pm. on both Saturday and Sunday. We need 1 table for the Treasurer; We also need a “flyer table”. It is suggested that the hosting area provide a lunch or dinner, if possible. It is the feeling of the Region that a meal helps promote unity and is a good opportunity for the hosting area to raise funds. It is not suggested that you book meals with the hotel.

All the necessary information should be completed and submitted to region six months in advance. With flyers out no later than the WRSC prior to hosting the WRSC weekend. A list of addicts available to act as local information guides included on the maps is greatly appreciated.

If possible, use a facility that includes hotel rooms  and meeting rooms. It is always tempting to use a number of facilities to keep costs down; however cost has to be weighed against convenience. If it just isn’t possible to hold the entire weekend event at one location no more than one other facility should be used, and there should be detailed maps at all locations. Electrical outlets nearby and Wi-Fi internet access is necessary.

The WRSC meeting may be held in locations other than a conference room at the hotel; examples like a church basement, community center, or school. Remember the size of room we need is to be spacious and capable of comfortably accommodating fifty (50) people. Region will only pay up to $400.00 for the space per cycle.

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