This subcommittee deals with our primary purpose as it is achieved through writing; Serving as a communication link in all matters regarding literature between the groups and Literature Subcommittees on all levels; area, region and world, providing a forum and atmosphere where members may contribute to the development and creation of literature.

 Function / Responsibilities

1. Serves and assists the Area Literature Subcommittee (ALS) within the WRSC on all literature needs;

2. Provides a place for ALS chairs and all interested NA members to come together and share their experience, strength and hope with each other. This committee seeks input from NA members, groups and areas and then compiles edits and reviews such material. This material can be implemented within the WRSC. The material also is forwarded to NAWS for its use;

3. Supports ALS’s by assigning projects, hosting regional literature workshops and serving as a resource of strength, hope and experience for all ALS’s to use;

4. Informs WRSC of all happenings in area, regional and world literature and encourages support from Wisconsin Region NA members through announcements, flyers and reports;

5. May propose and develop ideas for new literature submitted by members of the fellowship.

6. This subcommittee by will holding a yearly literature conference in July (in conjunction with WRSC) to complete assigned projects and hold various workshops as needed. Subcommittee members will endeavor to correspond with each other via e-mail between meetings. Additional meetings may be held as the WRLS deems necessary. It is the responsibility of this subcommittee to work closely with NAWS and WRSC to help in their efforts to accomplish these goals.

7. This subcommittee is also responsible for coordinating the review of unapproved literature within the WRSC and for forwarding input on literature for approval to NAWS;

8. Accepts projects from WRSC and NAWS.

Wisconsin Region Literature Subcommittee monthly phone meeting inform
Dial 712 775 7035
Participant code 196541
1st Monday MONTHLY 730 pm