As more NA members stay clean longer, the local leadership base expands and it becomes possible for the original group to sprout a number of groups. At this point, new questions present themselves. How can the NA community provide more and better services to its groups and members? And how can the recovery message be carried to more addicts?

Literature. The availability of NA books and pamphlets in the local language has proven very important to the growth of the fellowship and to informing others about Narcotics Anonymous. If literature is already available in translation from NA’s World Service Office, all that needs to be done is ensure a steady supply. However, if NA literature has not yet been translated into the local language, or if only a few pieces are yet available, translation work will be of primary importance. Contact the World Service Office for help in beginning translation work in your country.

Public Relations. This committee serves multiple functions. It maintains the website and email accounts as well as the phone line system used by areas throughout the region. The committee does community outreach work, letting it be known that Narcotics Anonymous offers a viable program of recovery; and in the process develops valuable relationships with professionals and the general public. Finally, this committee makes itself available as a resource to areas, ready to support them in their public relations efforts.

  • The public relations committee has developed a slideshow showing examples of how public relations can be done at the area level. Email us at if you would like a copy.

Hospitals and Institutions. Panels can be formed to carry our message of recovery directly to addicts housed in medical, psychiatric, or correctional facilities.