Regional Service Office

Wisconsin Regional Service Office, Inc. 732 N Main St. Oshkosh, WI 54901

920-232-9615 To order literature you can use either the linked spreadsheet or a downloadable word document you can save to your computer and complete manually. Click here for the spreadsheet and click here for the word document.

  • Please delete all older copies of any literature order forms you have have saved previously
  • Please be sure to complete page 4 of the form and then save the document
  • Please submit payment with your order. If not possible to submit payment with the order, please submit payment no longer than one week after your order has been submitted.

To use the Word document, either:

  • Download the document, fill it in and mail it to the WRSO


  • Save the document to your computer, complete the form on the computer and send it as an attachment.

The Excel version will perform many of the calculations for you. You need to make sure that you have the correct number (1-7) in the Shipping Option box on Page 4. You can title each column whatever you would like by clicking on the box at the top of Page 1 (Regular / H&I / Misc) and typing in whatever you would like. Whatever you then type in those columns will be totaled in the appropriate box at the bottom of Page 4.  If you have a specific amount of money that you can spend type a “1” by all of the items that you would like to get, then double click the blue arrow on the left at the top of Page 1. You can then track the total as you change the “1” to varying amounts. If you decide that you want to add items you can double click the blue arrow on the right until you place a “1′ by those items. When you have completed the order send it to the WRSO.