Updating Meetings

Meeting List Update Instructions


  1. Add new meetings on the bottom, highlighted in green.
  2. For removing meetings, change the text color for the entire entry to red. (Red highlighting washes out the text, and is hard to read.)
  3. For corrected info, like new address or time, correct the info in the cell and highlight the corrected cell in yellow.
  4. If a group changes Area, highlight it in blue.
  5. Please check that the “open, closed, smoking, wheelchair, etc.” info is correct.  Highlight corrections as above in yellow.
  6. Send the file to the website using the “Contact the Webservants” link on the contacts page of the site.
  7. We’ll make the changes, remove the highlighting, delete the entry, and send it back with the   confirmation.  This way we’ll both have the same meeting list.  We can use the same one over and over, and just keep it updated, changing the date on it with each update.
  8. Column “I” can be used as an “action” column, to be used for special instructions, such as “correction”, ”new”, “delete”, or “Transfer to/from XXX Area”.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We need the actual postal address for each meeting, complete with zip code.  Address listings like “Hwy. V and Pioneer Rd.”, or “Corner of 3rd and Elm” will not plot on the map.  If these directions are necessary, please list them in a separate column on the Excel file. Thank you for your cooperation.

 Click here for Excel spread sheet