Area Services

The purpose of an Area is to provide services for the groups that would be difficult for those groups to provide without taking away from the time and resources they need to focus on carrying the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. The Area also has several subcommittees that have specific tasks, such as Hospitals and Institutions (H & I), Public Relations (PR), Outreach, Literature and Activities. Here is a brief description of these subcommittees:

Hospitals and Institutions: Carries NA meetings into institutions such as treatment centers, jails, prisons, and hospitals.

Public Relations: Informs the public, professionals, and schools that NA exists in the community and is a viable resource of recovery from the disease of addiction.

Outreach: Serves as the outstretched hand of an established NA community to isolated groups and addicts, particularly large rural areas, insuring that all addicts have the opportunity to attend NA meetings.

Literature: Reviews new NA literature that is being proposed for distribution to the NA Fellowship.

Activities: Manages recovery events such as picnics, dances, game nights, canoe trips, etc.